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Connie scrolled through the legions of junk mail that clogged her e-mail she had been away for two months with no internet connection and the spam mail had flooded her in her absence, lots of diet and Viagra mail with the occasional free gift spam, Connie clicked the check marks and removed them chunk by chunk.

As she arrived towards the end of her venture an e-mail from her friend Lucy sat it had been sent a day after she had left the city for the month, she clicked it and it opened to a short message with a link attached to it, “Connie I found something funny you should check out, it’s just crazy that this is even a thing” Connie hovered the cursor over the link and bit her lip.

She pondered on it she knew that the link could either contain a virus, be broken since it was a while back she was sent this or it could be fine with no real issues, Connie took the plunge and clicked she held her breath for a few moments as she braced herself for the dreaded pop up that the site contained a virus.

A minute rolls on and nothing the site loads like normal, Connie let out a deep sigh of relief and checked the main page “Haigure World” Connie read at the top of the page, she scrolled through the page and found several links to click to other parts of the website, “Join the Haigure fun?” Connie blinked a few times before she clicked it and some text appeared on screen.

“Learn how to do the haigure a hit new craze sweeping the globe, women from across countries like America, England and even New Zealand are joining the huge hit, just watch the video below for the instructional video on how to do it, be sure to watch it multiple times so you can grasp the concept just right”.

Connie scrolled down to see a video embedded into the page and clicked the play button, the video wasn’t much of an instructional video as all it showed from the get go and for the entire ten minute length a couple of women mindlessly squatting and thrusting their arms chanting “Haigure, Haigure, Haigure” over and over.

Connie couldn’t help but laugh, Lucy was right this is weird but it was hilarious, Connie continued to watch it but as she got halfway through the first viewing a tingle ran through her, she couldn’t look away the chanting was drilling into her mind.

“Why is this intriguing me now, it looks like it could be fun Haigure” she said to herself as her pants began to shrink the material dissolving up her legs towards her crotch but Connie was oblivious to the whole thing, her eyes remained glued to the video.

An entire hour passes before Connie comes to her senses, she noticed the video was on an auto loop and it played again, she stood up and stretched before her body snapped into a squatting position, almost like any pose outside of this one was bad.

She began to thrust her arms as she began to chant “Haigure, Haigure, Haigure” over and over, the video looped on full screen behind her as her clothing continued to shift, her pants merged with her shirt before it morphed into the lower section of a leotard, bright red in colour.

Her shirt sleeves shrunk as the material began to alter, her doing the Haigure stuff sped up the changes in her clothing as her trousers changed slowly when she said Haigure, her eyes began to glass over as pleasure began to fill her body, her quiet chanting became louder her body becoming encased in a red leotard.

Nadine who was Connie’s older sister heard the chanting and went to investigate, when she entered Connie’s room her eyes widened before she shook her head “Connie grow up you’re supposed to be nineteen this just makes you look stupid” she said her eyes caught a glimpse of the screen and the video of women doing Haigure.

Nadine stepped closer and looked at the screen somehow captivated by what she saw, she didn’t look at Connie and instead began to squat and thrust her arms while chanting with her sister another getting into the global craze.

Nadine’s clothing altered as she performed becoming more teal in colour as her pants and button shirt merged into a leotard, her quiet chanting began to grow louder matching Connie’s within a minute, their loud chanting began to echo around the house as both sisters continued to Haigure.

A few hours passed and Brittany arrived home, the mother of both girls stepped into the hall to the loud echoing chant of Haigure every few seconds, Brittany rubbed her head, she had a headache and the loud chanting wasn’t doing it any favours so she set her bag down and stepped up the stairs into Connie’s room to see Connie and Nadine thrusting their arms while wearing leotards.

“What the hell is going on here?” Brittany yelled but her yells fell on deaf ears as both girls continued to mindlessly Haigure Brittany caught a glimpse of the computer much like Nadine had done and she stood there her arms subconsciously thrusting as she watched.

“Haigure, haigure, haigure” Brittany said her mind enveloped by the need to haigure her green dress began to shrink and mold forming into a green leotard that hugged her curvy body Brittany and her two daughter became the newest members of Haigure World, as they haigure’d unknown to Connie an e-mail had been sent out to one of her friends which was the exact same as the one from Lucy but it replaced her name with Megan.
Haigure World
this is just something I threw together on a whim, not the best written as I was just in the mood to write something quick and I wanted to tackle something I've enjoyed but never done anything with

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Sally gazed out of her office window and tapped a finger on her arm which were crossed, she had been deep in thought she needed had been up most of the previous night deciding on who to send out to guard the machine being transported by Dr Redman, she didn’t want to stretch the agents too thin in case another crime popped up during their absence.

“Sally we have about three hours before the machine is transported we need to know who is going” Isabella said from the door.

“Yeah sorry I’ve been trying to decide, I know that Valborg is staying here with Maggie and Vixen needs to stay out of any potential danger if her brother does strike then the last thing she needs to see is him after last time” Sally said.

“OK well everyone is waiting in the command room for your instructions so when you’re ready then head there” Isabella said before she left the room.

Sally stepped away from the window and grabbed a blank sheet of paper and wrote down the names of those who were to remain at HQ to keep vigil over the rest of the city, once finished she left her office and walked down towards the command room, she had been hoping that this decision wasn’t going to be a seriously bad choice.

She entered the command room and which drew the attention of everyone in the room Sally swallowed a little before she cleared her throat.

“OK so as you know a while back after the arrest of Daphne Colby I made the difficult decision of sending a large number of agents to oversee the transport of the machine Dr Redman has been working on I uh I have come to a decision on who will be staying put here” Sally said.

She paused for a moment and looked over the agents standing and sitting around her “I have decided that Valborg will be staying put, she will be valuable in defending the streets of Bayview, Maggie will also be staying here for the fact she has stealth to take down criminals and Vixen because she needs to avoid anything serious.”

Valborg grunted in frustration but knew that she had to follow orders, Maggie simply clicked her clicker to show she understood and Vixen nodded, after her last outing to the Fairway Hotel she didn’t want to endanger anyone.

“So everyone who I didn’t mention should report to the Redman Hill Lab in roughly two hours, I’ll be staying at HQ for this mission if anything happens then call for further instructions, we can’t afford to lose any agents here, Silver Fox will use this opportunity to do something big” Sally said before she left the command room.

Everyone began to head out except for the three agents that Sally kept behind, Sally stepped back into her office to find her phone ringing so she picked it up and answered hoping it wasn’t another case that would require a fair amount of agents to take on.

“Sally it’s Grant, listen I know I’ve been off the grid for a while with no contact, I’ve been trying to find a time to call, Courtney told me about her resignation from Freedom so you taking charge is fine for now” Grant said.

“Grant is there something wrong?” Sally asked.

“Things have gotten complicated on my end I’m currently in Greece been following up on a lead to my brothers disappearance, I received an anonymous tip about Silver Fox and their plans last week, Dr Redman’s machine it’s something Silver Fox have an interest in using for their own agenda” Grant said.

Sally frowned a little “we already know that and have a plan in place I’ve sent everyone except a select few agents to guard it, we feel that Silver Fox may also be prepping an attack on the city while we are distracted so we divided the agents.”

“You sure do plan ahead which is good, now onto what I was going to say, I’ve managed to get a few people to join Freedom if only for a temporary position while we deal with Silver Fox, it might not be many but I did try to get as many as possible” Grant said.

“When are we to expect the new faces?” Sally asked as she looked out the window.

“Anytime now” Grant replied.

“Right I’ll be sure to get them sorted with instructions” Sally said.

“Good I’ll call back later just make sure you answer the phone it might be really important” Grant said before the line went dead.

Sally placed the phone down and stepped out of the office again and approached the front door, she was now curious to see who would be joining even for a short time, she continued to wait for another thirty minutes before a car pulled up with a few people inside, they all stepped out of the car.

“Excuse me is this Freedom HQ?” the one in the cap said.

“Yes I’m Sally van Hoof current head of the organization” Sally said.

“Great I’m Tatyana Zhukova and these are Axelia Mjolnirsdottir and Claire Jaeger” Tatyana said.

“Great welcome aboard we haven’t got any transformation crimes in progress but feel free to meet the agents who remained behind from our current mission” Sally said and showed them inside.

Isabella and the others arrived at the labs to see Dr Redman outside waiting, she waved to the agents and beckoned them over.

“Thank you for showing up, I feel uneasy taking this to the main labs in the north of the city” Dr Redman said.

Isabella nodded “no problem Silver Fox planned on attacking this machine for their own desires we’ll get the jump on them before they can do anything.”

Dr Redman laughed before checking her watch “it’s time to move we should get out on the move before Silver Fox catch us with our trousers down.”

Isabella began to position the agents in a set formation before they all began to move, the machine was rather heavy so moving fast was an issue.

“Be on guard” Isabella called out to everyone as they moved.

As they progressed past a small park the machine began to hum which startled Dr Redman who declared they stop to inspect the machine.

“Agent Valente we need to check the machine it began to hum and it isn’t sounding good” Dr Redman said as she and her assistant began to examine the machine.

“Who was the last person to inspect the machine?” Redman asked.

“It was Dr Keegan” the assistant said.

“Where is Dr Keegan?” Redman asked as she looked around to find Keegan absent from the group.

The machine continued to hum the sound getting louder and the machine began to vibrate slightly which had Redman in a panic.

“This isn’t good, this is NOT fucking good” she yelled out.

Sally entered her office to the sound of her phone ringing again so she picked up to a rather panicked sounding Grant.

“Sally it’s Grant, I just got some new info about the machine Redman has created” he said.

“What sort of info?” Sally asked.

“Dr Redman has been studying evolution and had begun work on the machine that was to be a tool in understanding how humans were back during the caveman period” Grant said.

“OK and where are you going with this?” Sally asked now getting suspicious with it.

“The machine has the power to devolve humans back to cavemen and cavewomen, and not just that but I also got information on one of Dr Redman’s colleagues who works for Silver Fox, Sally THE WHOLE THING IS FUCKING SET UP” Grant yelled.

“Sally Dr Thomas Keegan had been placed into the project for this very purpose, they had been setting this up in hopes of causing chaos to further their goals, when we came along they had been hoping to have us see this machine as a target so our agents would be sent into a single area to be taken out immediately” Grant said.

“Shit and I sent them all there” Sally said.

“Fuck, shit, damn I can’t stop the machine, if it overheats the blast is going to devolve us all, there is no damn way to reverse the process without this machine” Dr Redman said as she backed up.

“Alright everyone clear the area we have very little time to evacuate the civilians on the streets” Isabella said.

“I’ll cover the park” Xavier called out as he ran towards the park.

“I can reduce the blast radius but most of us will be consumed by the energy, Agent Valente I suggest you and the other agents get clear” Redman said.

“No we can’t lose you if anyone else gets devolved we have no way to reverse it without you” Isabella said.

“Sally call for a withdrawal, before it’s too late” Grant said.

“OK I’ll get on it” Sally said.

“Hurry because Silver Fox are going to strike once that machine goes off” Grant said before he hung up.

Sally stood by her desk her body shaking she fucked it up, all the agents she had sent to guard it this was the end of Freedom, Silver Fox looked likely to win.

“MOVE” Isabella yelled as the machine whirred to life and a massive dome of energy shot from the machine in all directions bathing Dr Redman and her assistant along with some of the agents that were nearby and were still in the blast range.

Isabella stood in shock and horror at the sight before her, the groans of those bathed in the energy filled the still air as she stumbled back she managed to see who had been hit by the machine.

Zara and Ruby both writhed on the floor as their clothes began to strain and tear from their growing bodies as they bulked up from the sudden growth, their skulls began to reshape as their brows thickened, body hair began to thicken on their bodies forming in their armpits like a forest while their nipples gained a light coating of hair while they darkened and thickened.

Their shoes ripped apart from their growing feet which had doubled in size and also gained a light coating of hair as their posture began to reshape, the two cavewomen looked around in confusion as Dr Redman finished her transformation with her assistant.

Isabella looked over to find that both Ursula and Alice had only been hit partially after they stumbled over when fleeing, their shoes destroyed by their bigger feet everyone else had managed to get away in time so Isabella grabbed her phone and dialled in to Sally.

Sally heard her phone ring and she answered it “Isabella please tell me everything is alright” she asked.

“Bad news Zara and Ruby are now cavewomen and Ursula and Alice have got bigger feet where the energy touched them there” Isabella said.

“Gather up the victims and get them back here, but call up the zone and get a truck, that machine needs to get to the labs, I don’t know why a truck wasn’t used in the first place” Sally said.

“Dr Redman must have thought it would be OK to walk with the machine the labs in the north aren’t too far from her” Isabella said.

“The scientists at the lab will have to repair it, we have pills to feed the victims to restore them” Sally said.

“Sadly that machine is our only ticket to change them back, pills won’t cut it this time” Isabella said.

Sally thumped her desk with a fist when Vixen hurried into the room.

“Sally we’re getting reports that Silver Fox have begun kidnapping people off the streets and from homes in various neighbourhoods we need to get moving” Vixen said.

“Isabella once you get the victims to safety get all agents out onto the streets we have a mass kidnapping in progress” Sally said.

Isabella hung up the phone and Sally put hers into her pocket before nodding to Vixen “right let’s go try and arrest as many as you can, I’ll get the police involved on this one” Sally said.

They both hurried out while Sally made a call to the police, the agents left at HQ and the newbies made their way into the city to search for them.

They began to scour the city in search of the Silver Fox members in charge of kidnapping the people, sadly they couldn’t find many attempted kidnappings in progress during their search, Sally shook her head in frustration before her phone rang.

“Izzy have you found anything?” Sally asked.

“Negative but we have the four affected victims locked in a cell at HQ prison for safety, what about you?” Isabella asked.

“Nothing I fear that this was a well-coordinated attack as they left no trace, I’ll be making a final sweep of the block before heading back to HQ I’ll meet you there” Sally said.

Sally sighed before making a sweep of the block to see if anyone was still kidnapping but upon finding that the chaos had quietened down she resorted to giving a heady sigh before she turned her car around but as she did her phone rang.

“Hello?” she said unsure of who it was she was speaking too.

“Come to the Derring Wood at eight, come alone” the voice spoke up before the line went dead.

Sally checked her watch and noticed that it was six she had spent hours scouring the city so she decided to head to Derring Wood early to meet with the unknown voice.

Back at HQ Isabella found that Axelia and Tatyana both had a person each handcuffed they were both clad in the silver robes with the Silver Fox crest on their sleeves.

“We caught these two attempting to kidnap the mayor’s daughter, we should interview them and pluck any information from these chickens” Tatyana said.

“Great we have two interview rooms down the hall ready for use just plop them down inside and Valborg will speak with them she has a way of extracting info from captives” Isabella said.

Tatyana and Axelia both walked on with their captives and took them to the interview rooms when Valborg arrived.

“Got two for you” Isabella said.

“Great I’ve been itching for an interrogation” Valborg said smiling.

Inside the first interview room Valborg stood by the table “so tell me what you planned to do with the victims you have taken?” she asked.

“You’ll never see them again, once our higher ups have had their fun transforming them they’ll be sold off in a form most fitting, we make a killing with these exotic pets, farms, stables and the rich enjoy snapping up what we offer” the man said a grin etched on his face.

“We’ll find them and take them back” Valborg said.

“You’re clueless on our location pig hehe I know a buyer who would love a filthy hog like you” the man said before he broke into a fit of laughter.

“Shut up you piece of shit” Valborg said before punching him square in the jaw.

“I managed to get some information out of you at least, next time I’ll be using some toys to make you squeal little pig” Valborg said before she departed the room to inform Isabella on the news.

Sally pulled up at Derring Wood about fifteen minutes before the designated meet up, she sat in her car and kept a close eye out for other vehicles and people, as the time ticked on she noticed a green car pull up a few meters away in the distance.

Sally climbed out of the car and stepped towards the car and stopped not far from it as the figure in the car emerged from inside.

“You…” was all Sally could say.
Back to Their Roots
14th story and the end of the second wave of stories

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Sally grumbled and crumpled up the sheet of paper she had been writing on before she threw it onto the floor with various other crumpled pieces of paper while other sheets littered her desk with various scribbles hastily jotted down with possible scenarios and locations of Silver Fox attacks.

Isabella knocked on her office door and stepped in “Sally you’ve been doing this for hours I think you need a break” she said a little concerned about her.

“Yeah, yeah I know, this has just been frustrating me Daphne gave very little information during all four of her interrogations, Valborg was unable to extract the info we needed after she blabbed about the big attack plans” Sally said before she let forth an audible sigh.

“You said it yourself Dr Redman’s machine will be the target” Isabella said.

“I know but what if we’re over thinking we’ll have all these agents guarding a machine with only a scarce amount of agents back in the city keeping a vigilant eye, not only that but Maggie and Mimi are both dealing with Erin and her shady actions so we’re down those two” Sally said as she leant back into her chair.

“So if you’re uncertain of the machine being the target then what other situations have you had come to mind?” Isabella asked.

“Go grab Olga, Valborg, Vixen and Alice I’ll explain with more ears to listen and get their opinion on the matter” Sally said.

Isabella nodded and left the office to track down the other agents while Sally rubbed her eyes and gulped down a huge mouthful of coffee “I don’t need the fucking stress” she grumbled to herself.

Isabella arrived twenty minutes later with the agents Sally had asked for and they all stood around the desk all of them staring at the strewn piles of paper on the floor and desk.

“OK so I’ve been going over some of the situations in my mind and writing down the events that are likely to be attacked not counting Dr Redman’s machine” Sally started saying.

“So you believe that Daphne was vague in the words she said?” Olga said.

“Yes she has been interrogated by Valborg four times and she refuses to speak, but I have three possible locations of attack, the first is the rave party planned down in the Carlon District the rave goers will be too drunk to defend themselves which make them an easy target, the rave is going to occur in three weeks’ time” Sally said.

“That actually sounds like a perfect strike location, we don’t bother ourselves with things like that but if we had an agent or two on site they might be deterred from attacking” Alice said.

“I agree Silver Fox prefer easy targets have their victims with a lowered guard, it was how the cheerleaders and that swim team were all easily turned, gain trust then get them when they aren’t expecting it” Olga said.

Vixen and Valborg both nodded in unison “what are the other two” Vixen asked.

“The second is the parade that is going to be taking place about two weeks from now, that thing always has a huge turnout so if Silver Fox gets an attack on the parade we’ll be unable to help everyone as the zone despite being fully expanded will not hold the number of people that attend” Sally said.

“So they’ll snatch up any transformed victims we are unable to tend too, which just adds pressure on us but Silver Fox may not try something so bold in broad day light which is why it’s low on the list but is also a possibility” Sally continued.

“Silver Fox are tactical and rather cunning unless they planned another fat trim of their ranks the parade is just stupid and will cost them way too much than they hope to gain, we may not know the number they have but all our agents would be too many for them to handle” Olga said.

This had Alive, Vixen and Valborg nodding together in agreement “Silver Fox would want us somewhere that we won’t be in the way so the parade would be a pointless target since they would know that we’d have a few agents stationed there” Valborg said.

“The final location is the mayor’s speech outside the town hall, what way to create chaos than to take down the seat of power in the city, Mayor Huxley and her daughter will both be there but her security will not be able to deal with them which is why I’m putting the mayor’s speech top of the list” Sally said.

“I had a feeling that the mayor’s speech would be on the list so I called ahead to her office yesterday and had it cancelled on that day, instead she’ll televise it on the local network a few days after” Isabella said as she stepped in behind the others.

“So Mayor Huxley is safe thank fuck” Sally said as she gave a sigh of relief.

“From what I’m seeing and the views from some of the others we should stick to the original plan, we can send some low ranked agents to the rave while we prepare for the machines transport” Isabella said.

“Alright we stick to the original plan then dismissed” Sally said as the others began to leave the room except for Vixen who stayed behind, she looked a little bothered by something and she needed to tell Sally.

“Sally I need to speak with you real quick” she said.

“Something wrong?” Sally asked.

“Yeah the other day I received an anonymous tip that my brother is in the city, he ran away from home four years ago and we haven’t seen him since, before I came here I had heard he joined some group, when I looked into it I read this town had a troubling group so hurried here to see if he was here” Vixen said.

“And you think he might be in Silver Fox?” Sally asked.

Vixen nodded “yes my brother Kit he was always out being a rebel of some kind eventually my mother got sick of it and threw him out so he ran away he was eighteen at the time but he would never leave home, so mum put her foot down and he fled either out of hatred or fear.”

Sally nodded “well we here at Freedom will always help a fellow agent out if things get too complicated” she said.

“Thanks for the offer but this is a problem I need to fix, Kit was my responsibility and I failed him” Vixen said.

“Well just remember we’re all here for you” Sally said.

Vixen gave a smile and nodded “sure if Kit becomes a handful then backup will be a real handy thing.”

Vixen departed the office and began to walk when her phone began to ring, she checked to see an unknown number, she decided to answer it and tell the person they had the wrong number “hello?” she asked down the phone.

“Hey sis it’s been a while” the voice spoke back.

“Kit? Why are you calling me and where are you?” Vixen asked as she lowered her voice.

“I’m at the Fairway Hotel on Landing Avenue, meet me behind the hotel in two hours and come alone, I…have something to show you” Kit then hung up the phone after he finished the sentence.

Vixen lowered her phone and gave a quiet sigh “fuck” was all she could say before she turned around and hurried to the exit if she got the next bus from the nearby stop she’d make it in just under two hours.

Sally stepped out of her office and down to the command room she needed to get Maggie and Mimi on the tail of Erin as soon as possible, she wanted all agents available for the machine convoy, she entered the room and motioned for Maggie and Mimi to get over to her.

When they approached Sally spoke in a lowered tone “OK Erin has been playing absent the last few days, since we dealt with another chicken incident, I have a tip on her last known location, Grifton Road near the old Franklin Cinema, both of you check that location out, her phone hasn’t shown any activity so she might be waiting for someone there” Sally said.

Maggie nodded and lead Mimi off to track down Erin, while Sally sat down in a nearby chair so much shit going on and Freedom was being spread thin with all the reports and threats flooding in, and with Vixen dealing with her brother and Erin potentially being in league with someone for the first time in her life Sally was clueless on what to do.

Vixen arrived at the hotel with a few minutes to spare, she hurried around the back of the hotel her heart was pounding in her chest as she felt butterflies in her stomach, she had not seen Kit in four years she didn’t know what he was like, and she was beginning to regret not having another agent for backup.

“Kit?” she called out as she stepped into the alley.

“Glad you showed up alone sis” Kit said as he stepped from the shadows of an alternate entrance of the alley, Kit was much bigger than she remembered and he looked like he had beefed up while on the run, she was shocked here scrawny little brother had changed.

“You look different Kit” Vixen said.

“I do don’t I so tell me Veronica are people still calling you by that stupid nickname?” Kit asked with a grin as he crossed his arms.

“I legally changed my name to Vixen you know that and mum was fine with me doing so, YOU were the only person to ever call me by my original name Veronica” Vixen said.

“Because your nickname was stupid, but you got all the attention because you were ‘special’ according to mother I detested the both of you, no wonder dad left us when I was only ten even he was sick of the way you were being treated” Kit said the grin now gone.

“For fuck sake I didn’t ask for that attention, remember when I ran off from home when I was twelve? Yeah that was mum smothering me too much, you had a chance to step in and become her favourite but you blew it” Vixen said a little venom in her voice.

“Fuck you sis you did it for even more attention because when you never came back that evening mum got so worried she organized search parties, you were popular and everyone liked you, while I was left to rot in the corner like a piece of forgotten fruit” Kit said as he smashed a fist into a nearby dumpster.

“So when I turned eighteen I ran off as I knew nobody would seek me out, I travelled the country from Scotland to the south coast of England I met new people, people who actually gave a shit about me and then I met them when I was on the streets of Bridgeport, a group of people they had a base of operations in Bayview so I snapped up the chance of money” Kit continued.

“I got myself a tattoo of their emblem on my arm to show my loyalty to their ranks, I worked my way up and I’m one of the top enforcers they have” Kit slid his shirt sleeve up to showcase a tattoo of a silver fox head between two silver fox tails on a black background.

Vixen gasped “No way you joined Silver Fox?” she asked stunned by this revelation.

Kit saw the shock and his anger turned into a grin “yes how are you aware of them? They work in secret you know” he said.

Vixen pulled her ID from her pocket “Agent Vixen Kennedy of Freedom, sworn to protect the populace from people like you”.

Kit began to laugh “you joined those jokers? Sworn to protect the people from being transformed yet people still get transformed, we know that you got changed with your boss Sally van Hoof.”

Vixen blinked “how could you know that? Everything that happened to us is kept top secret between members of Freedom” she said.

“Oh that’s right we have one of our own somewhere amongst your ranks, good luck finding who it is” Kit said.

“We’ll find out we already have a suspect in our sights, I think your little agent has fucked up” Vixen said.

“Is that so? Well I think we’re just about done here sis now I can finally enact my revenge upon you for the life of misery you have caused me” Kit said as he pulled out a small gun armed with darts, he aimed it at Vixen and pulled the trigger.

Vixen ducked out of the way and rolled to the side she grabbed her phone and dialled in Valborg’s number just as Kit fired again, as Valborg answered the phone a dart landed in Vixen’s arm and she dropped the phone.

“What the hell was that?” she yelled at Kit as she began to feel hot her body burning up, she wrapped her arms around herself as she felt a strong sensation through her body as it began to bulk up her muscles straining her shirt as the seams began to tear.

“My revenge now your colleagues will be busy dealing with a rampaging beast which will amuse the higher ups of Silver Fox” Kit said as Vixen’s shirt ripped apart and fell away showing her now slightly larger bust, her trousers began to split as her thighs and legs bulked up with muscle her ID falling from the back pocket onto the floor.

Vixen screamed out as her shoes began to strain against her growing feet, the front of her shoes split open revealing her toes, she ripped off her bra to free her huge tits which were constricted by her bra, fur began to creep across her body starting from her crotch and quickly snaking its way across her torso and her limbs.

Kit stood there with a massive smirk as he observed her transformation, Vixen’s ears began to point and shift moving up her skull as it began to reform slightly her muzzle beginning to grow in while her nose turned black and her teeth sharpened, her spine began to lengthen and push out as a tail began to grow above her ass while the orange fur turned black on her hands and feet.

Vixen’s toes began to swell slightly as her nails began to grow sharper, her fingers doing the same, her feet remained humanlike in nature but were quite big, her tail swished around as her mind began to fill with rage, she let out a loud roar and stepped out of the alley while Kit walked over to her torn clothes and scooped up her Freedom ID as a reward.

Valborg while still on the phone hurried into the command room “guys Vixen is in trouble, she’s run into a member of Silver Fox and all I heard were bestial roars after Vixen sounded distressed, I don’t know where she is and I think we need to mark this a code black.”

Olga stood up while Isabella began to type into a computer it didn’t take long for Isabella to find something “Fairway Hotel, it’s a few hours from here, both of you get going we can’t afford to lose an agent not now of all times” Isabella said.

Valborg and Olga both hurried out of the HQ and jumped into Olga’s car they sped off towards the hotel and hoped that they could reach Vixen in time “get the gun out of the glove box, it should have a black dart inside, they are only to be used on any threat that is too big for the more conventional darts to work, bestial roars make it sound like she is in a berserker like state” Olga said.

“How do you know so much about that?” Valborg asked as she pulled a small tranq gun from the glove box.

“We dealt with two in the past Victoria Oswald and a guy who got in the way of Silver Fox about a year ago, he became a large wolf creature” Olga said.

Olga stopped the car outside the hotel and they both hopped out to find the area void of Vixen or her assailant they looked around and Olga noticed something.

“Quick this way follow these huge footprints” Olga said as she lead Valborg across the field that was nearby.

“Wow she must have gotten some big feet” Valborg said.

“It comes with berserker rage, they practically triple in fucking size” Olga said.

“I’m glad we have something to deal with something that big” Valborg said as they noticed the huge fox creature lumbering towards a park.

“Quick before those kids are put in danger” Olga yelled out as she darted ahead at full sprint.

Valborg followed behind and began to yell at Vixen who turned her head and noticed them, she roared and began to charge both women who dodged out the way, Vixen smashed a fist into the ground leaving a huge ditch.

“Valborg distract her long enough for me to make the shot we only have one chance at this don’t fuck it up” Olga said.

Valborg nodded and began taunting her with anything that came to mind which further angered Vixen as she swung her arms in blind fury at Valborg while Olga jumped up into a nearby tree and got into a good position to fire the shot.

Olga steadied her aim and pulled the trigger the dart pierced her shoulder and Vixen roared before smashing down the tree Olga was in.

“I thought you said it would work?” Valborg called out.

“It will just give it time, she is bigger than the guy was and Victoria from what I heard was hit with a double dose” Olga said as Vixen began to sway while her swings got more sluggish and before long she dropped to the floor asleep.

“Finally” Valborg said as she wiped her forehead.

“Go get the car I’ll wait with her” Olga said.

Valborg hurried off to grab the car and Olga watched as Vixen began to shrink back down to her normal size the berserker rage now having worn off she remained in her fox form as she needed treatment for that.

Olga picked her up and carried her towards the road, a crisis having been averted and potential injuries prevented, Valborg pulled up and Olga placed her in the backseat.

“Take us back to the HQ we can treat her there, the zone will only keep her under surveillance and do nothing for months” Olga said so Valborg nodded and got the car into gear and drove them back to HQ where the other agents were outside waiting for them.

“Is she OK?” Ruby asked.

“She’s asleep someone go and grab the pills from my desk” Olga called out so Zara hurried off to get them.

“Isabella told us everything and we got really worried so we all stood outside waiting for you to return” Alice said.

“When she wakes up we need to ask her who did it” Isabella said.

“Yeah she must have had a reason to go off alone like that” Alice said.

“It was most likely her brother” Sally said as she stepped out of the building.

“She has a brother?” Olga asked.

“Yes her brother Kit, Vixen believed he had joined a group, Silver Fox was most likely the one to have him in due to their troubled past, Vixen didn’t disclose much information with me kept it close to her chest, she will need to rest when she is back to her human form” Sally said.

Zara returned with the pills and handed them to Olga who slipped one into Vixen’s mouth and made her swallow it, slowly the changes began to revert and she was becoming more human with each passing minute.

“OK get her some clean clothes and take her to the break room the bed in there will have to suffice even though it isn’t comfortable” Sally said.

Olga picked up Vixen and carried her away to the break room.

“So what is the plan now?” Zara asked.

“We focus on the machine that is to be our main priority” Sally said as they all began to head back inside the building.

Maggie and Mimi both sat in the car as they watched a small shack near the Derring Wood, they had followed Erin from Carlon District to Derring Wood to the shack believing that they were onto something, they had both been watching for two hours.

“Man what is she up too in there?” Mimi asked Maggie only shrugged.

“Maggie I’ve not known you a long time but I’ve not once heard you talk, why is that?” Mimi asked.

Maggie lowered her shirt and pointed to the scar on her neck upon seeing it Mimi understood why.

“Accident made you mute I guess, that is unfortunate” Mimi said when Maggie tapped her shoulder and pointed towards the shack, she looked up to see Erin who was looking around before she emerged from the shack followed by a few men and a woman they were wearing silver robes that had a familiar symbol stitched into it.

“Silver Fox” Mimi said.

Maggie clicked once to agree, Erin and the members of Silver Fox shook hands before departing in separate directions with Erin climbing into a nearby silver car which took off rather quick from the scene. Maggie started up the car and followed it for as long as she could without being noticed by the other driver and they stopped after a good thirty minutes of pursuing outside a small housing estate that was gated off, Erin stepped through the gate which closed behind her so Maggie pulled out her phone and snapped photos of the gate and the name of the estate before she turned around and drove back to the HQ.

Back at the HQ Maggie and Mimi both stood in Sally’s office “so Erin is with Silver Fox, we saw her meeting with people in robes so I’m assuming they are higher ups in the group” Mimi said.

“So these photos were taken after the exchange?” Sally asked.

“Yes the dossier she had must have been info on our agents and what is happening with us the tallest man had hold of the dossier, we then pursued her to an estate which is gated off and guarded, we think Silver Fox has something hidden there” Mimi said.

“Alright this is useful information once the machine has been moved we’ll focus more on Silver Fox and try to put an end to their transformation crimes” Sally said.

Maggie and Mimi both nodded and left the room as Sally sat down with a sigh “and so it begins” she said to herself.

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Sally was sat at her desk reading the paper like she did most mornings to check for any unnoticed crimes for them to tackle when Vixen entered the command room she had a serious look on her face much more than normal Sally noticed this when she looked up, she knew something must be bothering her to be this serious.

“Sally I’ve just gotten off the phone with the college they suspect something is up with the new cheerleader coach Daphne Colby, they don’t want her to know of our involvement or she’ll refrain from doing anything that would confirm their suspicion” Vixen said as she stopped in front of Sally’s desk.

“So what exactly are you getting at here Vixen?” Sally asked as she folded her paper and set it down.

“Undercover work, I’m new to Freedom so I haven’t become as well known as anyone who has been here longer then me or Valborg has but Daphne is an out of towner she has zero knowledge on us but if she suspects police involvement then goodbye nailing her” Vixen continued on.

“So you want to go undercover with cheerleaders?” Sally asked as she rubbed her chin a little.

“Yes, I’m not from Bayview so I can easily just claim to be a transfer student from another town, I can text you information and pass it off as a boyfriend or my mother” Vixen said almost certain she had a plan in motion.

“Well if we got the call from the community college then I can only assume they fear Daphne and her methods, this reminds me of the swimming coach I encountered on my third case in Bayview Annabelle Harvey. She made frogs out of the swimming team she was coaching, took the zone three months to fix them up and even then it was poorly done” Sally said.

“So I’ll get myself a uniform and head out today, they have a meeting practice this afternoon that I can go to and begin recon there” Vixen turned around and hurried out the door to make her way to college and become a cheerleader.

Vixen arrived at the college and met up with the principle, after a brief discussion she was handed her uniform and lead out to the group with the backstory all discussed beforehand, Vixen walked up to the group with Daphne who looked over and raised an eyebrow.

“Mrs Colby this is Veronica Keane she transferred here from Salt Creek a few days ago she has had past experience in cheerleading so she’ll be a valuable asset to our group” the principle said with a smile.

“If you are sure about her sir then fine by me OK Ms Keane go join the others” Daphne said as she turned back to the other girls nearby.

“Veronica huh? Well you look like you’ll fit in well with us” one of the girls said as she ran a hand through her blonde hair.

“Yeah I just hope to have fun and make friends, I was quite the cheerleader back home” Vixen said when Daphne arrived with some snacks.

“OK ladies here is an oat cookie, you need to keep your energy up then we’ll begin practice” she said as she passed out the cookies.

Vixen took one and inspected it while everyone else ate theirs, she didn’t want to draw attention to herself so she ate the cookie and prayed it wasn’t transformative, when nothing happened upon consuming it she gave an inward sigh of relief before she began to practice with the others.

Vixen did rather well using her past experience to her advantage which won over each of the girls present and Coach Colby, once the practice had come to an end everyone praised her before they all departed for the day with another planned meet up the next day.

Vixen with training finished and she hurried home, she needed to shower and grab some dinner as the training finished late, upon getting home she threw off her cheerleaders outfit and jumped into the shower to wash up, she let out a content sigh and washed herself up before getting out to grab some food.

She ate her dinner and decided to watch some TV as she did she felt a strange tickling in the back of her mind, like an itch she couldn’t scratch but in her brain, she tried to ignore it while watching TV when a text came through on her phone. Vixen picked up her phone and checked the sender when she saw Sally’s name she read the text before responding “no nothing yet.”

Vixen remained watching TV for another few hours before she shut it off and went off to bed, she was given leave time from Sally to work undercover so she didn’t have to worry about work but she did need to get to college that morning.

The following morning Vixen got out of bed and threw on some old clothes before she grabbed the cheerleading outfit and hurried out the door, she hated the morning rush of college as she never had time to make breakfast so she decided to stop by the bakery nearby and grab a cookie or something to tide her over till lunch.

When she got to college she noticed the other girls from the squad they were together in their uniform, Vixen thought it was odd since they never mentioned anything going on before training, she kept her uniform off and watched from a distance.

She set her bag by a bench and sat down next to a red headed girl that wore glasses “is there some kind of rally or something?” she asked the girl.

“Not that I know of, since that coach Colby has taken over the cheerleaders have all been doing these routines every day at this time, lately the routines have gotten weird like the cheerleaders want to humiliate themselves or something” the girl said.

“Really?” Vixen asked perplexed at what was just said.

“Yeah she hands out cookies to people too, oat cookies really tasty so there is that benefit of these awful rallies” the girl said.

Vixen watched as the others all got into position “not much of a turn out really” she said.

“There never is, it varies each time and the groups of people are different but we do have the occasional repeating face, take me for example, I’ve attended the last six, people often forget that the rally occurs because there isn’t any announcement beforehand” the girl said.

“I do see a couple of familiar faces around thought not many I guess the main crew forgot this time” she continued to say.

Before they could continue their conversation the cheerleaders began their little rally “one, two, three, four join us braying on the floor” they all chanted out “five, six, seven, eight being donkeys is our fate” they all continued.

Vixen blinked as the chant repeated over and over as various college kids mostly the frequent attendees had dropped to the floor all of them braying as the cheerleaders let forth their own chorus of brays, Vixen felt the familiar itch in her mind as she let forth a small bray of her own.

“What the HAWWWWW is going on?” she said as she noticed the red head on her hands and knees chomping on the grass while a long ropy tail swished about from her skirt, she noticed her ears had begun to stretch coating in a red fur that matched the colour of her hair.

Vixen picked up her phone and punched in Sally’s number, she held the phone to her ear and watched as the red heads shoes ripped apart to her forming hooves, she noticed the cheerleaders all on their hands and knees their chanting now just a load of brays while Daphne stood nearby with a huge grin.

“Mum I need to be picked up, something weird is going on with some of the students and it’s freaking me out” Vixen said she didn’t want to blow her cover so used the ruse of her calling her mother but instead called Sally.

“I’m on my way I’ll throw on a disguise and get down there fast” Sally said before hanging up.

Vixen watched as several men stepped out of the shadows brandishing ropes which were wrapped around the necks of all the donkey boys and donkey girls that littered the area including the cheerleaders.

None of the victims fought back they just seemed docile and cooperative it was then that Daphne threw a few canisters of gas amongst the stunned unchanged students they all dropped to the floor asleep while Vixen held her breath, she kept herself hidden from view behind a wall as one of the men had noticed her when grabbing the red head.

“Take them down to the empty café on Birch Street we’ll get them prepped for sale, Silver Fox will be rich with all these jacks and jennies for sale” Daphne said with a laugh before she walked off with the remaining sleeping students.

Vixen slumped against the wall, she was powerless to stop what had just happened, she didn’t know what caused it, it looked like magic but she was grasping at straws, she then noticed a car she didn’t recognise pull up and a woman with short blonde hair step out and walk over, when she got closer she noticed is was Sally and she ran and hugged her.

“Donkeys they all turned into donkey hybrids, the witnesses are all sleeping, I heard Daphne say Silver Fox and that they have the students on Birch Street an old café” Vixen said as she tried to speak really fast.

Sally hugged Vixen “shush now it’s OK mum is here” she said trying to keep the whole charade going.

“I don’t know how it happened” Vixen said.

Sally didn’t say anything and lead Vixen to the car and drove her off back to HQ the revelation that Silver Fox had a hand in the incident was big news to them, they had managed to put down several attempts in the past month but this seemed almost pre planned and methodical than just something haphazardly thrown together.

They arrived back at the HQ and Sally escorted Vixen into the command room, upon entering both Zara and Ursula perked up upon seeing them.

“I thought Vixen was undercover?” Ursula asked.

“Shit just got big, this is a Silver Fox attack and we have kidnapped students down on Birch Street, I need several agents to launch an attack on the old café down there, the principle was right in keeping our involvement secret” Sally said.

Zara stood up “I can rally up a few others from the canteen and get down there in the hour” she said.

Sally gave her the all clear and Zara and Ursula both took off out the command room “tomorrow I’ll have a word with Daphne Colby and ask her to drop you from the cheerleader squad, but you’ll need to stick in college to keep an eye on her, we need to know more on how she did what she did, I’ll remain nearby as back up” Sally said.

Vixen nodded and was let home for the rest of the day, the principle allowed her the day off to recover and prepare to bust Daphne all she could think about was why Sally would refrain from action, she could just have Valborg interrogate her for answers, this continued to cycle through her mind constantly right up to her passing out on the couch.

The following morning Vixen arrived at college with Sally not far behind during the journey to college Sally informed Vixen that her information was spot on and they managed to save all the kidnapped students from Silver Fox’s grasp.

Vixen and Sally both walked up to Daphne who looked a little pissed at something which they both knew the reason for so Sally sparked up the conversation.

“Excuse me Mrs Colby I wish to have my daughter drop out of cheerleading” she said.

Daphne looked at them for a moment “such a shame she had a good future ahead of her as a cheerleader, she would be the lead in the new group after the others ditched college, I guess you have made the choice and I can’t argue with that.”

“Thanks for understanding Mrs Colby” Sally said.

Daphne pulled out a large Tupperware box from her duffel bag she had with her, it was full of cookies “I made these for the squad but now I have nobody to eat them”.

Sally took the box and opened it, the smell of the oat cookies was strong and very inviting, she took one out and bit into it, she let out a moan from the taste, Vixen watched Sally eat more of the cookies and got concerned as she noticed Daphne’s expression change slightly.

“Come now Veronica why don’t you join your mother in eating my cookies? You’ll love them” she said, Vixen took one out and bit into it afraid she chomped it down and grabbed another and ate it but stopped eating when she realized what she was doing, she had planned to spit out the first cookie but got caught up in the taste.

Daphne pulled out a recorder and hit the play button which caused Vixen to go cold inside at what she heard “one, two, three, four join us braying on the floor, five, six, seven, eight being donkeys is our fate” the minute that chant played Sally dropped the tub and slipped to her knees.

Vixen panicked and grabbed her phone she punched in a number to call up Zara whom had been stationed nearby as another precaution, the minute she picked up Vixen began screaming before a few brays kicked in.

Zara took that as the signal and both her and Ursula bolted from the car towards Vixen and Sally who was spasming on the floor her trousers bulged as the tail began to strain the fabric and shot out through the newly torn hole.

“HAWWWWWW” Sally said as her ears stretched and the wig she had been wearing fell off onto the floor revealing who she was, the brown fur coated her face as it twisted into an asinine form her teeth merging to form bigger blockier teeth.

“Oh look I managed to get Sally van Hoof I find your form and last name very fitting” Daphne said with a laugh before Zara tackled her to the ground.

“Shut the fuck up you Silver Fox bitch” Zara said as a loud rip made her look at the shoes Sally had been wearing which had ripped open because of her changing feet, Vixen stared in shock as her own skirt lifted up, she hadn’t eaten as many cookies but it was enough to trigger a physical change.

Daphne laughed “you know I knew Freedom would get their filthy hooves involved I was briefed all about you when I joined Silver Fox, I checked out the website which had been updated with Vixen Kennedy as a new recruit.”

“Shut up” Ursula said as she handcuffed Daphne.

“I strung you along love you are so gullible, but having Sally pose as your mother, that was clever, I just thought I was getting rid of your actual mother but I was wrong yet I did a good deed for Silver Fox” Daphne said as Zara picked her up.

“Vixen get Sally back to the HQ and mix a tablet into some oats that’ll change her back” Zara said to Vixen before she escorted Daphne off.

“THE FOX SHALL RISE” Daphne yelled back to Vixen.

Vixen helped Sally to her feet and escorted her back to the car, she had to now drive them back to HQ, she was glad that Valborg was used to interrogations, her intimidating stance and attitude to criminals made her perfect for the job and Valborg loved it.

Once in the car Vixen slowly turned the car around and began the slow journey back, not having a license to drive made her paranoid about being arrested, she took a few deep breaths and adjusted her tail “fuck all this shit” she grumbled frustrated with how everything had gone.

They arrived at the HQ and she escorted Sally back inside, it took them a little time and they finally got to the canteen where she asked for a bowl of plain dry oats, she was handed a bowl and she then slipped a pill inside the food and placed it down, Vixen used one of her own pills, she knew stock wasn’t going to replenish for a while as focus was being made to empty out the zone.

She set the bowl down and Sally brayed before chowing down on the oats Vixen watched as the pill slowly began to take effect and Sally’s ears began to recede and revert back to their human form, the tail shrunk down and pulled up back into her body while the fur pulled into her skin and Sally’s face twisted back into a human form.

Vixen noticed that Sally’s feet had begun to change back leaving her bare foot, Sally wiggled her toes a little as she blinked the cold canteen floor registering in her brain.

“What the hell happened?” she asked.

“You ate the cookies I believe now that they caused it all, I was barely affected yesterday with other students but after eating more cookies I noticed the effects were stronger, Daphne will squeal on the entire thing soon enough” Vixen said as her own tail swayed behind her.

“I did have to use one of my pills to reverse your changes” Vixen said as she pulled the pot from her skirt pocket.

Sally nodded “well you haven’t used any yet so unless you want to keep that tail you might want to take one” she said.

Vixen nodded and opened the pot and downed a pill, her tail began to whither and pull back into her body the need to bray had also diminished as the pills worked their charm “I swear those magical creatures sure do a good job lending their magic to change us back” Vixen said.

Sally nodded “I’ll go and check on Valborg and her interrogation I feel we might have some important information” Sally stood up and walked bare foot out of the canteen giving off the odd comment about the floor being so cold.

As Sally walked down the passage she passed Ursula and Xavier “any luck?” she asked.

Xavier nodded and ran a hand through his hair “unlike past members we have brought here she didn’t crack so quickly but we have some good information to work with well we are hoping it is all legit stuff.”

“She told us that Silver Fox had big plans the fox shall rise was also mentioned again, so we think that something huge is going to happen sometime soon but we don’t know what yet, she also told us about a meeting between the higher ups of Silver Fox north of Grayson Memorial Park in about a month’s time” Ursula said.

“Can we trust this info? I mean unlike Ingrid and Eugene who we interviewed a while back Daphne seems more like the type to throw us off the scent, I don’t know her position inside the group but it can’t be high up since she has done her own thing like all the others before her” Sally said.

“True we haven’t seen anyone that claims to be one of the elites of the group, they must still be trimming the fat, Daphne had a good method but she wasn’t the brightest of the bunch, if she knew about us and Vixen then why would she hang around knowing we’d be looking into things AND we raided the café too” Sally said.

“I suspect this was a deliberate capture, Silver Fox wanted her in our custody so she can spread the word of this big event that will go down any time” Xavier said.

“They might be talking about the new machine that Dr Redman has been working on the last few years, she is planning to transfer it to the more secure lab on the north end of town, if anything big is going to happen it’ll be with that machine, we should step up security on it” Sally said as she rubbed her chin.

“Good idea we should decide on who will be tasked with guarding it, Xavier should lead the group tasked with it, while some of us remain here and keep tabs on all the normal transformation crimes, I bet something will happen with our absence” Ursula said.

Sally nodded “right I’ll draw up a plan in the next few weeks and call a meeting on the day we guard it before we deploy” she said.

Both Ursula and Xavier nodded before they walked off down the passage while Sally walked to the interrogation room to speak with Zara and Valborg.

“I think it is time to add her to the prison nearby, she’ll enjoy being with her fellow Silver Fox members we already have inside, just be careful of her though, there is no telling what she’ll try to do, I still have an oat craving after that stunt she pulled” Sally said.

“Leave it to us Sally” Zara said as she and Valborg both stepped into the room and grabbed Daphne before escorting her to the prison while Sally walked back to the command room, she had a lot of paperwork to fill out and a damn transformation form to fill out because of her own changes.

“This is going to be a long afternoon” she mumbled to herself as she sat down to begin the work while the others all chatted amongst themselves.

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Grey clouds loomed over Bayview as Sally stood outside Caleb’s Diner as she spoke to Isabella both of them sipping at cups of coffee, they had been discussing the latest incidents that cropped up in one fell swoop, things in the city had kicked up big time with Silver Fox members cropping up all over the place causing trouble to people.

They continued and sipped their coffee before they stepped inside the diner to grab some food to go, they had to get to the HQ as Olga had mentioned about the new recruits arriving that day, they wanted to know who they were dealing with, Sally paid for the food once it arrived and they hurried out to the car.

Sally stepped on the gas and they hurried towards the HQ, as they drove the clouds opened up and rain began to fall fairly hard, Sally grumbled as she started up the wipers and Isabella broke the silence that had plagued the car journey.

“So Sally do you think Olga picked a good duo?” she asked.

Sally shrugged her shoulders “I have no idea, I trust Olga on this, although Mimi was probably a pointless recruit she has done fuck all and keeps getting transformed more than anyone else in the agency and Ruby was a stickler for being transformed.”

Isabella winced a little at the harsh words “come on Sally that is a little harsh, she is still learning we put her under Agent Canvey for a reason to learn.”

“You’re right I’m just worried that’s all not all recruits are working out we had to send a bunch home since their skills had diminished badly and they couldn’t recover it, this job is for the type of people that can come back stronger when they get knocked down” Sally said.

“While true we also need to nurture new recruits and not send them into high end cases which we should be taking care of, I mean take the boob shrinking guy a few days ago, Mimi managed to help in that along with Erin” Isabella said.

“Erin…I haven’t seen her in some time, she is never there when I’m around” Sally said as they arrived at the HQ and she parked up then they both climbed out and began to head inside.

“Erin yeah she is a strange one, I think we should get someone to tail her, I’m suspicious of her and so is Olga, Mimi should go follow her, nothing big just recon work, she won’t suffer and transformation this way” Isabella suggested.

“Good idea Maggie may have to tag along she needs a bodyguard but they could pull it off” Sally said as she rubbed her chin at the thought before they arrived in the command room.

“Ah Sally you’re here the new agents will be here shortly, you’ll be quite surprised by them” Olga said.

“I hope so we need some good agents here, the fact that Mimi had to be put under a lower agent shows she wasn’t ready for this work” Sally said.

Olga nodded “Mimi knows she is a liability right now so she offered to tail Erin when she overheard my conversation with Ruby and Xavier.”

“Send Maggie with her, she knows how to be stealthy we can’t have Mimi get into trouble, no telling what kind of hell she’ll get into if caught and Erin turns out to be doing something illegal” Sally said as she crossed her arms.

“Erin hasn’t been into work the last couple of days when she next arrives at work we’ll tag Mimi and Maggie onto her when work is over” Olga said.

Sally nodded and sat down when two figures stepped into the command room and looked around, Olga noticed them and smiled before she stepped over to them both.

“Sally our new agents have arrived, these are Vixen Kennedy and Valborg Helsing” Olga said as she pointed to both the women.

“Why do they call you…” Sally began to say when she noticed Vixen’s hair and stopped speaking when she realized.

“It was a nickname when growing up, my old name was Veronica but people called me Vixen due to my hair colour and it stuck so I just changed my name legally when I turned eighteen” Vixen said as she crossed her arms.

“OK and what is your story Valborg why the really creepy vampiric horror get up?” Sally asked.

“Inspiration from a few characters, back home in Norway my village and the nearby town are plagued with creatures of the night, brought about by this planets strange magical energy” Valborg said.

“And the eyepatch?” Sally asked.

“Lost my eye in a fight, taken by a damn Reaver one of the many creatures that plague my village” Valborg said.

“So why are you here if your village is under attack?” Isabella asked confused by her choice.

“I have a brother his name is Roar he went on a mission but never returned, I feel he is on his return home so I left the defence up to a friend Rune Stenberg, he is a brave man” Valborg said as she stepped towards an empty desk and placed the sword she had on top.

“You do know we don’t condone violence here right?” Sally said.

Valborg laughed and nodded “I am well aware of that this sword is mostly for show, although it has slayed many dark creatures it shall remain sheathed during my stay here although I must say I will bring out my sword if the criminals remain steadfast in their decisions of not surrendering.”

Sally nodded “OK so intimidation that works we need someone like Olga to help scare the would be criminals.”

Olga gave a laugh as she walked to Valborg “I think we might become good friends” she said.

Valborg didn’t respond she had only known Rune most her life she never made other friends since they would all die within a week, she felt uneasy but unlike home nobody would wind up six feet under “thank you” was all she could say.

“So any cases on the go for us to check out?” Isabella asked as she stepped to her desk and sat down on the top.

“Nothing of extreme note just a few odd jobs, although sightings of the masked woman have risen in recent days but she hasn’t been responsible for any transformations since her last foray with Iron Hyena but a video has appeared on a social media page” Ruby pulled up the page onto a big screen which had recently been installed.

“This was posted to Cheryl Carson’s Friendzone page about six hours ago, comments on the video suggest that she was never like this a few days ago, one friend of Cheryl gives us an interesting comment talking about the damn necklace from that stupid woman in a mask” Ruby continued to say.

“So we know the culprit is the masked woman damn her she is always ahead of us we should try to intercept her we should cover small shops as she’ll likely appear there with less witnesses” Sally said.

“I’ll go and question the friend Kim Rogers, I want Isabella, Olga, Ruby and Valborg to check any of the small shops and see if she has been present in the last hour or so, Vixen you are with me” Sally said.

Sally and Vixen both left the HQ and got into Sally’s car, they drove off to an address that Ruby had written down for them, the drive was silent as Vixen spent the journey gazing out the window she didn’t want to talk and Sally could feel it so she kept her mind on driving.

They arrived at the home of Kim and they got out of the car the rain still falling, they hurried up to Kims door and knocked on it, they hoped she was inside, after a few minutes the door opened and Kim stepped into view.

“Oh hi can I help you?” she asked.

“I’m agent van Hoof and this is agent Kennedy we’re here to talk about Cheryl Carson” Sally said as she held her ID up.

Kim nodded and stepped aside allowing them both to step inside, she closed the door and lead them to her lounge and she sat down “what did you want to know?” she asked.

“We want to know where you got the necklace from and who sold you it, we have reason to believe that the person who sold you the necklace is a wanted criminal for multiple transformation crimes” Sally said.

“That fucking necklace, me and Cheryl used to be really good friends, she was a college graduate prepping for university Cheryl was given a huge pay out for reaching university, it was a deal she had with her mum” Kim started.

“She wanted to hit the town and spend on some new outfits and jewellery, we stopped at a shop I can’t remember the name fully but it had Leona in the name, a woman was inside wearing some leopard mask and she seemed so enthusiastic to sell us shit” Kim looked out the window for a moment.

“Cheryl made a comment on having a nice chunk of money to spend and so the woman who I thought was named Leona but now I think it was some kind of alias, she went into some kind of excitement overdrive and began to offer up various kinds of items and then it happened” Kim stopped for a moment and Sally nodded at her to continue.

“She pulled out a necklace it had an emblem of a tiger on it Cheryl was mesmerized by it and she snapped it up with all her money like in a trance of some kind, anyway she put it on and went home without saying anything to me, the woman was laughing to herself and then walked into the back of the shop” Kim leant forward for a moment.

“I followed Cheryl but she had already gone, I called her up a few times but she never answered, I logged into friendzone and found her status updates looking a little off, it was like she forgot how to spell words she used to use big words but now she cut her vocabulary down into a more airheaded style” Kim stopped.

“So you’re saying she became a bimbo?” Vixen asked being blunt.

Kim nodded “yeah from her appearance she’s a bimbo tiger girl, but there is more to it than that.”

“How so Kim?” Sally asked.

“Something really fucking creepy is going on with Cheryl and that damn necklace, OK so if you noticed she had some concerned messages on her video she posted, well those people are the unaffected, Cheryl had a fair few friends that I knew about and had met in the past” Kim grabbed a bottle of water that sat on the table and swigged some.

“Well I noticed that they too had trouble typing out words and they acted all bimbo like, I saw one of them yesterday and she had these huge fake tits and blonde hair when she was raven haired before that, her own mother is going bimbo too, whoever is close to Cheryl is turning into a bimbo and I fear we’ll be tigers too” Kim stopped as she rubbed her head.

“I mean it’s almost like this damn thing is contagi…conta…passed on to others easy” Kim said.

“Kim are you OK?” Sally asked concerned before she looked to Vixen.

“I’m like OK don’t know what like came over me” Kim said as she scratched her chest.

“You don’t sound OK to me” Vixen said.

Kim giggled as her brown hair began to grow lighter in colour become more blonde as Kim’s body began to slim down in places while her tits and ass grew bigger, she giggled again as white fur began to grow on her stomach and between her huge tits.

Sally and Vixen looked back to each other and Sally grabbed her phone to call it in, when her phone rang she checked the ID to find it was Isabella so she put it on speaker.

“Sally we found the woman in a shop known as Leona’s simple life, the necklace is a bimbo tiger necklace she confessed about it, but she also told us that anyone who loves Cheryl either friend or family will turn into bimbo tigers too, we’re going to take in the woman and find Cheryl, turning her back must reverse it” Isabella said.

“Yeah Kim is transforming into one right now” Sally said.

Kim giggled again as she felt her mind fog up and her IQ began to lower as her face began to stretch out a little into a tiger muzzle while her ears moved up her head, the fur continued to spread across her body as her shoes cramp up her feet and began to stretch with claws poking through the fabric after a few moments.

Kim’s hands puffed up a little as claws grew out and her shoes almost exploded in a shower of fabric before a tail began to snake its way out of her trousers, Kim purred and licked her hand while Sally and Vixen looked at each other again, Isabella had hung up by this point so Sally called the zone and let them know, she had to find Cheryl and fast.

Both agents hurried out of Kim’s house and back to the car, they jumped in and Sally floored it she knew where Cheryl lived, having dealt with her mother once before after she grew a donkey tail from an old ornament.

Sally and Vixen remained quiet as Sally sped around various turns and slammed on the brakes outside a small house which had her jump from the car towards the house, Cheryl’s mother Ruth opened the door as if she was heading out shopping when Sally tackled her back into the house, Vixen followed her in and hurried up the stairs searching for Cheryl.

She found Cheryl taking a few selfies in her bedroom “Cheryl I need you to come with me” she said.

Cheryl turned around and giggled “like are you a tiger too?” she asked.

Vixen held her tongue for a moment before speaking again “no this is just my hair colour that is all, now that necklace is evil, take it off and you should go back to being normal.”

Cheryl shook her head and stepped over to Vixen while she purred, she licked Vixen on the cheek “why not like join us? You’ll make a nice bimbo tiger” she said as she groped one of Vixen’s breasts.

“N..No it would screw over my name, I’m no tiger my name is Vixen” she said.

“Like that is such a sexy name, like a stripper or something” Cheryl cooed into Vixen’s ear.

“No I said no and I mean no” Vixen said before she snagged the necklace from Cheryl’s neck and backed off.

Cheryl noticed this and began to grow angry “like give that back” she roared at Vixen, before she could strike Sally entered the room and shot a tranq into her knocking her out.

“You OK Vixen?” Sally asked.

“Just about, you know I was beginning to fall under her sway, I shudder to think what would have happened if you hadn’t of shown up” Vixen said.

“The necklace needs to go into the vault so we should do that, let us drop off Cheryl and Ruth at the zone on the way turning her back is our top priority, this might not require a flood of patients to the zone” Sally said.

Sally and Vixen carried the sleeping bimbo tigers and placed them in the car before they got in and drove off, they both arrived at the zone not long after driving as Cheryl lived not too far from there, they handed them both off to the doctors and began their drive to the vault.

“This is a private place which houses artefacts we recovered from cases such as ballet shoes that turned the wearers feet into these big flamingo feet and the eye of Anubis which Victoria Oswald used in an attempt at a city wide take over” Sally said.

She pulled up outside a small building and picked up the necklace, she stepped inside and input the code on a metal door on the far end of the building, the door opened up and she stepped inside and placed the necklace on a shelf next to the idol that Candice used a few years prior.

She stepped out and got into the car “OK now back to the HQ for paperwork this is the bit that can be annoying as the severity of the case determines the amount of paperwork we do and this will be a moderate sized amount” Sally said to Vixen as she started to drive off.

At the HQ Sally and Vixen bumped into Isabella and Olga who had the masked woman with them “we’ll interview her give us an hour if nothing Valborg can come in with that secret weapon of hers” Isabella said with a wink.

Sally nodded as the agents walked off leaving them both at the entrance when Valborg approached with a smile on her face.

“The hunt was fun, she tried to run but I caught her, she fled like a Charvix when wounded” Valborg stepped past them and walked to the command room while Sally and Vixen looked at each other confused by what was just said.

“Must be another creature of the night” Vixen said as she ran a hand through her hair.

“You fancy grabbing a coffee from Kitty’s Café before we start the paperwork?” Sally asked.

Vixen nodded before they both stepped back into Sally’s car and drove off, both of them happy to bond a little more before getting back to work.


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