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The following week An Xing, Shizuka, Qi Qian and Tao Tai all gathered at Jill's café “so you girls enjoy the weekend?” Shizuka asked smiling “yeah it was a lot of fun” Tao Tai said as she leant on her arms “I just hope the other girls that got kissed last week are doing fine” An Xing said as Jill walked over to take their order “four rounds of pancakes and four strong coffees please” Shizuka asked “so there must be a reason you called us all here” Qi Qian asked as she toyed with her hair “actually yes there is”. Shizuka pulled a sheet of paper from her bag “I have been invited to the estate of Angela Rutherford” the other three girls stared at the paper in disbelief “you mean one of the richest women around here?” Tao Tai asked and Shizuka nodded “I've been invited to some gig a lot of the higher ups will be there from police to the hospital”.
A waitress walked over with the coffee “you should go, this could be great for your gym” the waitress said as she placed the coffees down “I intend to” she said checking her name tag “you new here Sharon?” Sharon nodded “pancakes are on the way” she said before leaving. “I guess Jill needs new help” An Xing said as she sipped her coffee “I don't know Jill was fine last week, you think drag queens might of done something?” Shizuka pondered “I doubt it besides wouldn't they all be normal again?” Qi Qian responded, the women continued to talk as Sharon returned with the pancakes “any syrup girls?” she asked holding a small jug “we'll pass on that” Shizuka said smiling as Sharon nodded and walked off.

After breakfast the women walked out the café and parted ways, with Shizuka heading to a clothing shop, as she arrived she opened the door and stepped inside the sight of all the dresses began to make her think she might not have the money for anything “can I help you?” a voice spoke up behind her making her jump “don't scare me like that” she said catching her breath and turning around. The shop assistant continued to smile “I need a dress for tonight, something around one hundred and fifty” the assistant nodded and took a rather vibrant dress from a nearby selection “will this do?” she asked and Shizuka nodded “yes that's fine” the woman lead Shizuka to the register and Shizuka paid for the dress “you come back now” the woman called out “sure” she said before leaving the shop “not likely” she added before heading home.

Once she got in she placed her dress out on the bed and examined it “now that I look at it better this looks like some drag queen dress” she shook her head and threw it in the closet “I got a better outfit from that TV channel” she rubbed her face a little “I must have something better to wear, I'm not going to show up to the party in a drag queen dress” Shizuka began to rummage through her clothes and pulled out a nice black dress “I forgot I had this thing” she said with a smile “I'll wear this tonight”. Shizuka decided to get some chores done to pass the time before getting herself ready for the party, as evening rolled around Shizuka got herself all dressed up and ready and gazed at herself in the mirror “feels weird wearing a dress without the fake boobs” she said before giggling a little “I'll drive there now and be early, this party is my ticket to expanding that gym” she said as she hurried out to her car.
She arrived at the stone paved driveway and drove in slowly taking in the estates grand design “lucky, wish I was this rich” she said as she noticed another car already parked near the door “must be someone already here” as she got closer the figure of a woman in a trench coat emerged from the front door and walked to the car in front so Shizuka shut off her lights and stopped, the woman climbed into the car and drove off down the other side of the drive. Shizuka gave a small sigh of relief and drove her car to the parking zone before getting out “close call I'm guessing that was something I wasn't supposed to see” she decided to give it a few minutes before heading to the front door, she walked up to the front door and knocked on it slowly, after a few minutes of waiting the door opened up and a young woman in a maid outfit showed her in.
“I must say your awful early” the maid said “yeah if I didn't get here early I'd forget to show up” she said nervously, the maid didn't pick up on her nerves and showed her into a large room with an oak wood floor and podium at the far end, green velvet chairs lined the walls with small pine tables between each chair “if you'd care to wait here Mrs Rutherford will arrive to see you shortly” the maid then left the room and Shizuka hummed quietly to herself. She didn't have to wait too long as two more people arrived and then the last two people arrived not long after that “great everyone is here” a female voice rang out through the silent room and the clicking of high heels began to echo, everyone turned to see Angela Rutherford as she made her way to the podium, she was dressed in a large blue fur lined coat with a sparkly blue top and skirt, she didn't look too heavily made up so Shizuka ruled out a drag queen straight away.

“You must all be wondering why you are here” she said as several maids entered the room with glasses of what looked like wine “this is a celebration” Shizuka cocked her head a little “for what?” a woman called out “well I have decided to fund each of your causes”. Shizuka smiled but something about the wine was throwing her off but she couldn't figure it out, it didn't smell like wine it had a heavy cherry scent to it which wines don't often have. “All of you will do this town proud” she raised a glass in the air which had a different colour wine to everyone else, she noticed the others had raised their glasses too “to the future” she said “to the future” everyone else said in unison before drinking down the wine.
Shizuka didn't drink hers and set the glass down which Angela noticed “why did you not drink?” she asked almost like she was offended by her not drinking, Shizuka began to panic in her head and tried to find an excuse “I'm allergic to alcohol” she said as Angela walked down the steps to Shizuka “my dear you should have said we have some fresh orange juice in the kitchen I'll get one of my maids to fetch you a glass” she said as she ushered a maid to get her some. Angela and Shizuka both sat on a chair nearby as a woman in a red dress near the back groaned, all eyes fell on her as her short brown hair grew out rapidly becoming a bright blue, her body bulked up with muscles as her dress tightened on her body, her red dress loosened up a little as it shrunk down slightly, her heels growing longer as her dress bulged a little in the front. “Looks like Mrs Davina Blaze of the fire department has taken to become her new self first” the other women screamed and ran to the door in a panic as Davina's face started to cover in a thick blue make up with her finger nails growing longer and taking on a blue colour her lips plumped up with blue lipstick, her lashes extending out as her breasts grew a few cup sizes and began to take on a rubbery feeling, Davina went stopped panicking and started smiling as she eyed up Shizuka and the fleeing women.
The door out of the room was locked and a woman in a blue fancy dress gripped her stomach as her sleeves ripped apart to the bulking muscles her body toned up as her dress bulged slightly, her hair which was a long dark brown began to turn a dark green colour. “now it's Mrs Leona Kelly of the police” Angela said her grin wider than before, Leona rubbed at her face as a thick green make up covered it and her lips turned green before plumping up her eye lashes growing longer as her fingernails extended becoming green in colour, her dress and heels didn't change much aside from the dress growing looser and fixing itself and her heels growing longer. Leona gasped and grasped her breasts as they started to tingle and change, the texture going from flesh to rubber, once her changes finished she began to smile and walked next to Davina and smiled at the other two.

A woman wearing a pure white dress shuddered as she felt her body bulk up, her white dress shrunk down to a short dress, her legs coated in white fishnet stockings and her heels grew a few inches, her hair a beautiful platinum blonde began to fill with orange as her eyelashes grew longer, her fingernails extending becoming fake and orange as her lips plumped and turned orange, her face covered in thick layers of orange and red make up. “Mrs Carmen Parker of the day spa will make a fine drag queen” Angela said almost like she was relishing in the changes more than she normally should, Carmen felt a pinch in her ears and after feeling there she found hoop earrings, her short dress began to bulge greatly compared to Davina and Leona, her breasts grew a few cups before she lost feeling in them as they took on the same rubbery texture as the other twos breasts. Carmen now finished changing smiled and walked to the others before all three watched the last helpless woman at the door trying to escape, “now all that is left is Kelly Sampson the head doctor” Angela said as Kelly groaned at the door and hit it hard, her body ripping her tight fitting yellow dress as it bulked up.
Kelly fell down onto her butt as she watched her slim body bulk with muscle much larger than the others had, her dress began to warp and change from yellow to a purple and shrunk down into a rather gaudy purple top with purple pants, her heels grew longer before changing to a sparkly purple colour, her lips plumped up with purple lipstick and her face coated in thick layers of purple and black make up. A stud appeared in her nose as her eyelashes grew longer as did her fingernails which became purple, the pants she was wearing bulged almost as big as Carmen, her breasts began to lose all feeling in them as they turned from flesh to rubber. Kelly stood up wobbling on her heels briefly before she joined her fellow drag queens as they all looked at Shizuka “these are permanent changes, I will rule this town and make drag queens out of everyone” Shizuka blinked a little in shock “but how?”. Angela smirked “a lab has created a little concoction for me to put in various new products that will hit the market, police pepper spray, fire department smoke alarms, day spa cosmetics, special injections in hospitals, gym water fountains and vending machines” Shizuka knowing her only way out was in drag permanently decided to use her gym fitness and skills by jumping through the large window nearby and fleeing back to her car.

She climbed in and drove off away from the estate while Angela smiled “forget her nobody will believe her, they'll be under my control as drag queens, I want you to infect people at work tomorrow and then proceed to infect unsuspecting women in the town”. The drag queens all nodded before leaving her home, Shizuka reached her apartment in a panic and locked herself inside “have to find a way to reverse all this” as she pulled her dress off she began to feel tired so she fell on her bed and drifted off to sleep unaware just how bad her days where about to get.
this is the final part of the Drag Queen TV section, I'll start toning back the amount of transformations in future parts just so it doesn't become too much.

as before all characters are off of my own OC list and are Copyright me

I hope you enjoy
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