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Linda Morgan was an average forty year old woman that ran an online fashion website from her home, although she wasn’t a highly used website she did rake in plenty of orders to keep herself and her two daughters fed. Her eldest daughter when not in university would offer her help on the latest fashion trends and pricing for the clothing while her younger daughter helped her transition make up into the website as an alternative to clothing. Morgan’s Fashion slowly began to grow as a name across the internet and throughout not just the UK but across the whole of Europe, after a year of growing success Erica her youngest daughter who had turned seventeen moved away to a college and her eldest daughter Gloria moved on from helping her mother to work a full time job at a salon. Linda was thankful for her daughter’s aid in getting her business up and running more smoothly, she often had some friends over to help with packing the orders up so she can get many more orders out for her customers both old and new.

It was a hot summer afternoon, the town was taking the brunt of an intense heatwave, Linda was working alone for the day as her friends were busy with prior engagements, she had only managed to pack six orders which to her was poor as she kept needing to take breaks to cool off. Linda groaned as she sat in the bath tub the cold water cooling her down for the tenth time that day, with all the baths she was taking Linda had opted to wear an old bikini she had lying around “this heatwave needs to let up I’m slipping behind on orders” she groaned again before climbing out.

Linda dried herself off partially to try and let the fans she has switched on in her living room blow cold air on the wet parts of her skin, as she stepped out of the bathroom her doorbell rang, Linda hurried down the stairs and opened the door wondering who it could be.

“Hi I have a delivery for an Ms Linda Morgan” a woman said wearing a UPS uniform.

“Oh this must be the make-up I ordered in, I was wondering where this had gotten too” Linda said taking the clipboard to sign for the packages, she handed the clipboard back and picked up a few packages and slipped them near the door before returning back to the rest.

“I have a few more in the truck I’ll just go and get them” the woman said hurrying down the steps back to her truck, this gave Linda a chance to check out the toned backside of the UPS woman before moving the remaining boxes before waiting.

“This is the lot, have a great day madam” she said with a smile before she hurried off back to her truck after setting the last boxes down.

Linda carried the last of the boxes into her house and closed the door, she took a couple of boxes into the living room and tore the tape with a pair of scissors, the box which was pretty big housed loads of lipsticks which were loose, she picked one up and examined the case it came in “Inner Drag, I guess it’s designed for men who enjoy that lifestyle, I don’t recall ordering this though” she said.
Linda uncapped the lipstick and twisted the bottom, the tip of the lipstick emerged and the scent of Strawberries wafted through her nostrils “I guess I should try this just to see if it’s any good before I go selling it online, or I could offer it as a free gift to shoppers till I run out” she stood up and walked to the mirror that sat in the hall, she began to apply the lipstick and as she did her lips tingled a little.

She rubbed her lips together before examining herself “looks a bit I don’t know, my lips seem a little plumper than normal” she shrugged it off and walked back to the living room to continue packing the remaining orders she had left.

A few hours passed by and Linda was in the zone, she had managed to triple what she had packed that morning, during this time however her face had undergone some sort of change, her face had become caked in thick layers of make-up and her eye lashes had extended out looking synthetic, “there that’s eighteen more orders packed, I think a nice cold drink is in order” Linda stood up and walked into the kitchen, as she opened up the fridge a knock on her door caught her attention so she walked over and opened it.

Her friend Valerie a woman a few years younger than her stood at her door a smile on her face “hey Linda I’m sorry I couldn’t help out today I…” she noticed her friends make-up heavy face “um Linda are you selling clown make up?” she asked.

Linda gave her a confused look “no it’s my newest delivery of make-up why does this lipstick look clowny?” she asked “I’m only wearing lipstick so if it’s too clowny I’ll send it back”.

Valerie didn’t respond right away, she didn’t know how to exactly answer Linda was clearly oblivious to the rest of the make-up on her face “I..I..I don’t know Linda have you looked in a mirror at all?”.

Linda laughed a little “yeah when I applied the lipstick” unaware that her hair was beginning to look less real and more like a cheap wig.

Valerie stepped back a little and eyed over her friend wondering what was wrong “well listen I’ll be over tomorrow I can help you pack more stuff, I have a free day tomorrow I’ll uh see you then” she said before quickly taking off.

Linda gave a wave and closed the door before heading back to the kitchen “weird, Valerie seemed spooked by something did she see a ghost?” she mumbled to herself as she grabbed a can of cola from the fridge and opened it, after a few gulps she set the can down and rubbed her forehead a little, she knew Valerie was an honest person, maybe the lipsticks were a bad idea, she didn’t want to be known for selling silly items.

Linda stepped into the hall and walked over to the mirror what she saw in her reflection stunned her “what the heck happened to me?” she said her voice becoming an audible whisper near the end, above the neck she looked like a drag queen she’d see on a girls night out and as she glanced down she caught sight of her newly formed abs “well at least I’m ripped now” she said trying to joke about and keep herself from panicking too much.

Her arms and legs began to bulk up with muscle to go with her new stomach “I look a little too butch, Gloria and Erica are going to question what I’ve been doing if they see me with all this sudden muscle growth” Linda began to process her next move when an idea came into her mind “I know there must have been a sheet of paper, an order sheet in the box” she hurried into the living room to check.

As she rummaged through the box, her large natural bust jiggled as she moved about, the jiggling became less as the feeling of the bikini tops fabric faded with each passing second, Linda who was in near panic mode was too involved with finding the sheet of paper that she failed to notice the rubbery sheen her breasts were taking on, with a failed sigh she leant back in her chair, the lack of bouncing of her breasts as she did so caused her to look down and muffle a scream.

Linda stared wide eyed at the sight before her “what happened to my large bust? It’s all fake and rubbery, oh no I’m turning into some kind of drag queen, the lipstick it has to be” she said as she stood up. Parts of her mind began to enjoy what was happening but the rest of her mind was fighting a battle to resist these feelings, she hurried to the mirror again to get a better view of her fake breasts “this doesn’t just happen. Women don’t just turn into drag queens” as she cupped her breasts she noticed her nails had grown and looked as fake as her lashes except her nails were a neon green, the war in her mind raged on and the resistance she was putting up was losing badly as she began to think of having others use the lipstick and having nothing but a good time.

Linda’s old mind seemed to fade as her new mind took over pushing the old Linda into the passenger seat, as she looked down a bulge in her bikini bottoms signalled that her changes were almost complete as an adams apple grew in and her voice deepened into a more manlier voice.

The new Linda licked her lips and sauntered back into the living room “mm I think I’ll order more of these lipsticks in and give them to people, I’m sure Gloria would enjoy this, maybe even sell them at her salon” a giggle escaped her lips as she sat at her computer and searched for the lipstick “this is going to be fun”.
Here is a little something that I had come to mind recently, it's a little different to the other stories of the same theme.

If the names of any characters are similar to those of real people then it's just a coincidence

I hope you enjoy
Diggerman Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hey cool, nice to see you writing again. I liked the pace on this one, it was slower and more intimate a transformation than before.
Jbrey Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)  I wanted to try and pace things out a little more because I agree that I rushed things in the past 
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